MSc PBioC - Physical Biology of Cells and Cell Interactions

Application deadline: May 31 | Start: Winter Term only

The two-year Master's programme Physical Biology of Cells and Cell Interactions is research-oriented and educates students in modern concepts and methods of cell biology and physical biology. Scientific questions in the fields of cell biology and physical biology are combined with developmental biology, cellular structure biology, bioinformatics, biochemistry, immunology, neuro- and plant physiology.

The Master's programme provides students with an understanding of fundamental life processes from cell growth, cell-cell communication and differentiation to hormonal, inflammatory, angiogenic signaling and aging. These processes are studied in context of cells, tissues and model organisms. The experimental and conceptual approaches of the programme include modern cell biological, molecular, biochemical, bioinformatical, immunological and genetic methods, combined with various microscopy techniques and applications, molecular imaging, data analysis as well as morphological and physiological technologies.

Keywords: Cell Biology | Model Organisms | Imaging | Immunology | Angiogenesis | RNA | Physiology | Computational Biology | Statistics | English as Language of Instruction | Scientific Campus | International Environment | Modern Equipment | Interdisciplinarity

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