Eff-Pharm - From Theory to Reality: Evaluation of Suitable Organisms and Test Systems for the Biomonitoring of Pharmaceuticals

The aim of the project is to provide tools for risk assessment of pharmaceuticals by developing mode of action-based in vitro test systems for analgesics and beta-blockers. Thus, it will be possible to make a connection between the environmental risk assessment of these substances and the retrospectively oriented assessment of possible effects in the field. Based on the results of a previous literature study, the following tests will be carried out within the context of two modules:

Module A: In vivo tests with fish, amphipods as well as sediment-dwelling organisms (optional) and two pharmaceuticals (beta-blocker and NSAID) will be performed in the laboratory. Furthermore, these test organisms will be used in the field at sampling sites where the two investigated pharmaceuticals have been detected. As endpoints mortality, development, Hsp70 and oxidative stress (inhibition of cyclooxygenase) are considered.

Module B: Simultaneously, mode of action-based in vitro test systems for beta-blockers and nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs will be developed, verified and validated in a first step using field samples. Optionally, the further validation of the test systems with regard to the optimization of the sample preparation (WWTP effluent) and the importance of matrix effects as well as the assay transfer for reading the data in a microtiter plate reader are planned.

Eff-Pharm is a joint project with contributions from 6 institutions, funded by the Federal Environment Agency (Umweltbundesamt) and coordinated by the University of Tübingen.

Prof. Dr. Rita Triebskorn
University of Tübingen
Department Animal Physiology Ecology
Konrad-Adenauer-Str. 20
D-72072 Tübingen
phone ++ 49-7071 7573555
fax ++ 49-7071 7573560
e-mail: rita.triebskorn(at)uni-tuebingen.de

Project partner: Dr. Matthias Oetken
Johann Wolfgang Goethe-University Frankfurt
Department Aquatic Ecotoxicology
Max-von-Laue-Str. 13
D-60438 Frankfurt am Main
phone ++ 49-69 79842148
fax ++ 49-69 79842141
e-mail: oetken(at)bio.uni-frankfurt.de

Principle investigators:
Tonya Gräf (graef(at)stud.uni-frankfurt.de)
Prof. Dr. Jörg Oehlmann (oehlmann(at)bio.uni-frankfurt.de)

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