Removal of estrogens and antiestrogens in wastewater by activated carbon treatment (Eco-Tox Box)

The aim of this pilot project is to test whether we can use a broad set of bioassay for evaluate wastewater-borne toxicity and their removal during advanced treatment. Here, we work with the wastewater treatment plant Mannheim (Germany), which was recently equipped with adsorptive post-treatment (powdered activated carbon filters in different setups). While our partners perform in vivo bioassay, we focus on the removal of endocrine activity in vitro. We are specifically interested in comparing the performance of absorptive (this project) and oxidative (previous projects) wastewater treatment.

Project partner: Dr. Martin Wagner
Johann Wolfgang Goethe-University Frankfurt
Department Aquatic Ecotoxicology
Max-von-Laue-Str. 13
D-60438 Frankfurt am Main
phone ++ 49-69 79842149
fax ++ 49-69 79842141
e-mail: wagner(at)

Principle investigators
Martin Wagner (

Sponsoring agency

Innovation fund for sustainable development, Tübingen University