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UNESCO Biosphere Reserves Workshop - March 2014


The interactive workshop “UNESCO Biosphere Reserves” took place from 3rd to 12th March this year in our institution and was especially offered to the students of the courses “Ecology and Evolution” and “Environmental Sciences”.

Directed by emeritus Prof. Michael Adams from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, this workshop was already taught in many European countries, for example, in the context of ERASMUS Mundus programme and other international courses. Prof. Adams has expertise in the UNESCO-Programme, “Man and the Biosphere” (MAB).

There are more than 600 UNESCO Biosphere Reserves worldwide, currently in 117 countries, and the number is growing. These protected areas serve not only to conserve the biodiversity and climate protection, but also as models to promote sustainable development.

What are the strategies to avoid the human-nature conflicts? How can invasive species in biosphere reserves be fought against? Is financing for the biodiversity conservation and climate protection conceivable as in the case of Yasuni National Park in Ecuador? These and other current issues, such as the role of MAB programme for the indigenous people protection, were discussed with examples of Biosphere Reserves in Europe, Africa, Asia and the American continent.

The students participated actively with oral presentations and prepared, individually, papers on selected subtopics. In this way, it was possible for them to deepen their knowledge in the problematics, and challenges of the Biosphere Reserves.


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