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Naturstoffgenomik - Natural Product Genomics

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Infectious diseases pose an ever increasing risk for human health worldwide. Novel drugs for the treatment of bacterial and fungal infections, especially those caused by (multi-) resistant pathogens are urgently needed. 

Bacteria produce a wealth of small organic molecules to interact with their local environment, so called natural products. Many of these natural products have promising bioactivities. As a result, they been exploited in human and veterinary medicine for the treatment of infectious and other diseases (e.g. cancer). Traditionally, natural products were identified through extensive bioactivity-guided screening efforts focusing on few talented producer phyla that can be frequently isolated from soil samples. These restrictions have resulted in the recurring rediscovery of already known natural products using conventional strategies. As a result, the discovery pace of truly novel natural product scaffolds has slowed down significantly in the past decades. To circumvent the time-consuming rediscovery of known metabolites and identify truly novel natural products in the post-genomics era, we are working on the development of novel natural product discovery workflows and optimize existing strategies. 

Prof. Dr. Eric J N Helfrich
Naturstoffgenomik -
Natural Product Genomics
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Sophie Moktadir
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