Graduate schools

In our laboratory, we are dedicated to the support of young scientists. As such, we engage in collaborative efforts like the RNA-Club or GRADE-IQbio for the continuous qualification of young scientists.

Also, we organize multiple seminars for the exploration of the different fields, to which we invite all interested Bachelor, Master and Ph.D. students (please contact Ivonne Wogatzke for actual dates). 

Plant Physiology Colloquium

  • The Plant Physiology Colloquium is a monthly seminar on current topics in plant physiology with local speakers and guests. The upcoming speaker is:

Departmental seminars

The departmental seminar Molecular Cell Biology of Plants is a weekly seminar (Friday 8.30-10.00 N200 / R.301) and targets achievements in this field. Internal and external speaker at Bachelor, Master, Ph.D. and PostDoc level present their findings. 

The TOPIC SEMINARS on Dynamics of Membranes (biweekly, Monday, 15.00-18.00, N200 R3.01), Cyanobacterial Research (biweekly, Thursday 15.00-18.00, N200 R3.01), Ribosome biogenesis (biweekly, Thursday 15.00-18.00, N200 R3.01), Plant transcription networks (weekly, Monday, 15.00-18.00, N200 R3.01) and Ultra-fast responses to gravity (weekly, Thursday 10.00-12.00, N200 R3.01) are dedicated to the presentation of current research results and literature. 

Summer schools

Besides, we annually organize summer schools. Here is an overview of the last summers.

The last summerschool was:



Prof. Dr. Schleiff is currently the President of Goethe University Frankfurt

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