Expression and structural analysis to understand evolution of plants


30.07.2011 14:00 Uhr

In contrast to bacteria, a higher complexity of eukaryotic cells comprises tissue specific expression of genes, occurrence of post-transcriptional changes and alternative splice forms. Analyzing tissue and stress dependent expression on transcriptomic and proteomic level could give insights in core sets of plant specific expression patterns. Furthermore, comparing the expression pattern and function as well as the gene composition in different plant species can clarify the evolution of plants. Besides analysis of structural and domain architecture on RNA and protein level to detect possible motifs which are required for targeting or stress related answers are of interest. For example, membrane-embedded, complex translocation systems are responsible for the transport of proteins across membranes. The evolution of these systems starting with bacterial predecessors up to highly complex molecular machines present in Viridiplantae is of particular interest. Based on this evolutionary data we develop structural as well as functional models of these complexes. This work is supported by the development of new bioinformatics methods, data mining, sequence analysis, ortholog search, NGS analysis, Mass spectrometry and de novo modeling.



Prof. Dr. Schleiff is currently the President of Goethe University Frankfurt

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