Dr. rer. nat. Jan Peter Kotrade


Kotrade P, Werner A, Ebersberger I & Brüggemann W (2020). Comparative transcriptomics reveal insights into the drought response of the three Panicum species P. bisulcatum, P. laetum and P. turgidum. Plant Gene, 100232.

Kotrade P, Sehr, E. M., & Brüggemann, W. (2019). Expression profiles of 12 drought responsive genes in two European (deciduous) oak species during a two-year drought experiment with consecutive drought periods. Plant Gene, 100193.

Madritsch, S., Wischnitzki, E., Kotrade P, Ashoub, A., Burg, A., Fluch, S., ... & Sehr, E. M. (2019). Elucidating drought stress tolerance in European oaks through cross-species transcriptomics. G3: Genes, Genomes, Genetics, g3-400456.

Kotrade P, Sehr, E. M., Wischnitzki, E., & Brüggemann, W. (2019). Comparative transcriptomics-based selection of suitable reference genes for normalization of RT-qPCR experiments in drought-stressed leaves of three European Quercus species. Tree Genetics & Genomes, 15(3), 38.

Bissinger, K., Khoshravesh, R., Kotrade JP, Oakley, J., Sage, T. L., Sage, R. F., Hartmann, H.E.K. & Kadereit, G. (2014). Gisekia (Gisekiaceae): phylogenetic relationships, biogeography, and ecophysiology of a poorly known C4 lineage in the Caryophyllales. American journal of botany, 101(3), 499-509.


Development Methods for Preserving Biodiversity in Azerbaijan
Baku, Azerbaijan
2018 Oral presentation

Forests at risk: Białowieża and beyond
Warsaw, Poland 2019 Poster presentation

PhD thesis

"Gene Regulation in Response to Drought in the Plant Genera Panicum and Quercus"

Master thesis

"Alternative Protamin-Markierungsverfahren des Lichtsammelkomplex II (LHCII)"

Bachelor thesis

"C4-Anatomie der Gisekiaceae"


Peter Kotrade M. Sc.

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