Abt. Schulte

Department of Wildlife-/Zoo-Animal-Biology and Systematics (WZS)

Working with animals in the wild as well as in captivity, our lab is interested in intra- and interspecific communication. Our main-focus is on chemical communication in vertebrates, with a special emphasis on amphibians. Chemical communication is the evolutionary oldest communication system in the animal kingdom and it is highly important during sexual encounters, in predator-prey systems, alarm situations, but also during parental care behaviours. Using a combination of classical behavioural methods with modern molecular approaches as well as systematics, we try to expand our knowledge about different communication systems and decipher potential pheromones in an evolutionary context.

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Jun.-Prof. Dr. Lisa M. Schulte

Biologicum, Campus Riedberg
Gebäudeteil D, Raum 2.417
Max-von-Laue-Str. 13
60438 Frankfurt am Main

Phone: +49(0)69 – 79842204


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