Abteilung Naturschutzbiologie / Conservation Biology - bis März 2023 Prof. Claus Bässler, seit April 2023 an der Universität Bayreuth                  Vertretung bis zur Neubesetzung: Dr. Karen Hahn

We are working in the field of conservation and applied ecology. Global loss of biodiversity due to changes in climate and land use is setting the frame for our research and teaching activities.

Our research aims to develop models to improve our mechanistic understanding of how climate and land use change affect biodiversity and subsequent ecosystem processes. We aim to develop mitigation concepts to maintain both the use of resources in times of climate change and the maintenance of biodiversity. For this purpose, we foster collaborations with international research groups, stakeholders, and conservation authorities.

We consider different taxonomic groups (e.g., plants, fungi, bacteria, insects) within our research and use classical (e.g., field surveys) and molecular methods (e.g., metabarcoding, phylogenetic analysis) together with advanced statistical analyses to characterize and understand biological communities. Our studies are based on survey and experimental data at different spatial and temporal scales.

We frequently provide opportunities to conduct Bsc, MSc, and Ph.D. theses at our department. Do you have a specific research project in mind? Please contact Prof. Claus Bässler at Bayreuth University or Dr. Karen Hahn at Goethe University.

Further information on BSc and MSc theses


Prof. Dr. Claus Bässler

Goethe-Universität Frankfurt

Institute for Ecology, Evolution and Diversity

Department of Conservation Biology


Max-von-Laue-Str. 13

D-60438 Frankfurt am Main

Phone ++49 (0) 69 – 798 42136


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