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Dr. Matthias Oetken, oetken@bio.uni-frankfurt.dephone 069 798 42148
PD Dr. Andrea Sundermann,, phone 06051 61954 3124

Information about the module

Up until the 1980s, the quality of surface waters deteriorated as a result of insufficiently treated wastewater from households and industry as well as significant hydro-engineering interventions. This led to a loss of species and habitats and ultimately to reduced biodiversity. Only with the construction of additional modern sewage treatment plants and extensive revitalization projects did the condition of the surface water and the groundwater improve.

In the lecture, extensive theoretical foundations of aquatic ecology are laid, whereby marine systems are taken into account, but the focus is on limnology. In the subsequent practical part, which is accompanied by a seminar, the theoretical knowledge is repeated and applied. In addition to fish-ecological investigations, a faunistic inventory and limnological evaluation of water bodies is carried out in the practical course, whereby polluted as well as particularly natural and conservation-worthy sections are recorded. The aim is to work out connections between the situation of the waters with the chemical, physical and structural conditions and the corresponding communities. The results on the condition of the waters, including their surroundings, then flow into a data pool that can later serve as a basis for the authorities to focus on nature conservation work in the analysed area.


Time slot of the module - First half of the summer semester

Number of participants - 12

Special features - This module is taught in German. Therefore, German language skills are required.

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