Zoo and Wildlife Biology

Prof. Dr. Paul Dierkes, dierkes@bio.uni-frankfurt.de, Tel. 069-798-42273
Dr. Lisa Schulte, Schulte@bio.uni-frankfurt.de, Tel. 069-798-42204
Prof. Thomas Müller, thomas.mueller@senckenberg.de,Tel.  069 7542 1889

Module Information

The focus of zoological gardens has undergone significant changes in recent decades. In modern zoos, nature and species conservation, education, and research are considered primary tasks. The current World Zoo and Aquarium Conservation Strategy, therefore, anchors the conservation of biodiversity and participation in species conservation as overarching principles in the activities of zoos. Within this module, current emphases, including methods of zoo and wildlife research, species conservation, population biology and breeding programs, animal ethics and husbandry conditions, veterinary aspects, enrichment, and animal welfare, are theoretically conveyed and illustrated with examples from various zoological gardens.

The thematic orientation of the practical module components aligns with current research questions. During the practical course, fundamental methods of modern behavioral research are developed, covering topics such as social group housing, habitat and behavioral enrichment for zoo animals, chronobiology, human-animal interaction, visitor studies, and the care of zoo animals.

Time slot of the module – first half of the summer semester.

Number of participants – 12

Special features – Within the module, various zoological gardens are visited as part of excursion.

Homepages of the participating working groups

Zootierbiologie (AK Dierkes)

Wild- und Zootierbiologie und Systematik (AK Schulte)                

Movement Ecology and Biodiversity Conservation (AK Müller)