New research projects in our Department:

Dr. Katharina Heye received the Procter & Gamble Sustainability Grant 2020 for her PhD thesis 'Laboratory-to-field extrapolation in ecotoxicology - A case study with the anti-epileptic drug carbamazepine'. Katharina is the 14th Procter & Gamble laureate from our Department after Dr. Johannes Völker in 2018, Bianca König and Sina Ostermann in 2017, Annkatrin Weber in 2016, Dr. Carolin Völker in 2015, Dr. Martin Wagner and Ann-Marie Oppold in 2013, Dr. Daniel Stalter in 2011, Leonie Becker in 2009, Dr. Christian Vogt and Dr. Dominic Kaiser in 2008, Dr. Simone Galluba in 2007 and Dr. Martina Duft in 2004.

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