Carmen Meyer

Carmen Meyer started her professional career with molecular biology methods under supervision of  Professor Sigrun Korsching. For the successor Dr. Jochen Scheel, RNA work with C.elegans, in the field of neurobiology, Tübingen. The focus were studies about the olfactory system in the zebrafisch Danio rerio and characterization of neurobiological development in C.elegans. During her time in Munich she got experiences in protein studies and cell culture techniques in the Alzheimer research lab of Professor Christian Haass.

Practicing FISH In-Situ-Hybridizations in the Humangenetics of the TU Munich, Professor Michael Speicher, for studies about predictibility of malignancies- Learning animal research for understanding  the Emergence and Pathway of Epileptic diseases in Professor Heidrun Potschkas Department and-Multifunctional assistance in the neurobiological lab of Professor Magdalena Götz, enhanced her professional life.

Due to a move she first found a position in Professor Christoph Niehrs lab, IMB Mainz, to support in genetic analysis and work with Xenopus laevis and X. tropicalis.Since November 2019 she will act in multifunctional position as technical and administrative support for Professor Lisa Schulte. 

phone: (+49)-069-798-42210
room: 2.418