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Congrats to Benedikt Aumeier!

20. December 2019

Recently a joint paper was published in Water Research, developing a pilot-scale for household water treatment and storage. An optimal removal of turbidity, target pesticides and DOC was shown and Effect-based Methods (EBMs) have been successfully used to evaluate the process performance. With this link Elsevier provides 50 days of free access to the article.

Aumeier BM, Graul H, Müller A-K, Lackmann C, Wünsch R, Wintgens T, Hollert H, Wessling M. The hydrothermal solution for self-sustaining drinking water purification at point of use. Water Research 2020; 170: 115338.

Thünen-Forschungspreis 2019

20. December 2019

Der Thünen-Forschungspreis 2019 "Hervorragende wissenschaftsorientierte Leistung" der Gesellschaft der Freunde des Thünen-Institutes eV wurde vergeben für die folgende Publikation in PNAS:

Freese, M., Rizzo, L.Y., Pohlmann, J.D., Marohn, L., Witten, P.E., Gremse, F., Rutten, S., Guvener, N., Michael, S., Wysujack, K., Lammers, T., Kiessling, F., Hollert, H., Hanel, R., Brinkmann, M., 2019. Bone resorption and body reorganization during maturation induce maternal transfer of toxic metals in anguillid eels. PNAS - Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America 116, 11339–11344.>/small>

Congrats Sarah!

19. December 2019

New publication of Sarah Johann in Environment International: Water-soluble fractions underlying an oil slick can contain estrogenic subststances. Evidence, adapted bioassays, role of dispersants, and choice of tools - all in here. Check it out, it's Open Access!

Johann S, Esser M, Nüßer L, Altin D, Hollert H, Seiler T-B. Receptor-mediated estrogenicity of native and chemically dispersed crude oil determined using adapted microscale reporter gene assays. Environment International 2020; 134: 105320.

PhD defense Theresa Vasko, M.Sc.

09. December 2019

“Untersuchungen zur metabolischen Aktivierung und Toxizität niedrigchlorierter PCBs“ (together with Prof. Krauss UKA Aachen)

PhD defense of Sina Volz

03. December 2019

“Olfactory toxicity in zebrafish – Assessing the effects of three commonly used pesticides and cadmium on the olfactory system of Danio rerio, DBU Fellowship.

​Henner Hollert ausgezeichnet für exzellente Forschung und Lehre

01. October 2019

Professor Hollert erhält für seine herausragende, internationale Rolle in der Umweltforschung und seine tragende Rolle in der europäischen Umweltbildung den SETAC Fellows Award und den NOACK LABORATORIEN Environmental Education Award der Society of Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry (SETAC).

PhD defense of Dipl. Gyml. Susanne Vaeßen

01. October 2019

“Direct and indirect competition between invasive signal crayfish (Pacifastacus leniusculus) and native fish species – A long term study on behavioral and ecological effects in the laboratory and field"; DBU fellowship


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