Listed are articles published by group members while at the Goethe-University of Frankfurt. For all publications by specific group members, see individual group member pages.

Peer-reviewed publications

deCastro-Arrazola I, March-Salas M, Lorite J (2021). Assessment of the potential risk of rock-climbing for cliff plant species and natural protected areas of Spain. Frontiers in Ecology and Evolution accepted.

Noriega JA, March-Salas M, Castillo S, García-Q H, Hortal J, Santos AMC (2021). Human perturbations reduce dung beetle diversity and dung removal ecosystem function. Biotropica accepted.

Muola A, Scheepens JF, Laukkanen L, Kalske A, Mutikainen P, Leimu R (2021) Strong gene flow explains lack of mating system variation in the perennial herb, Vincetoxicum hirundinaria, in a fragmented landscape. Nordic Journal of Botany accepted.

Kirschbaum A, Bossdorf O, Scheepens JF (2021) Variation in regrowth ability in relation to land-use intensity in three common grassland herbs. Journal of Plant Ecology accepted. Link

Willems FM, Scheepens JF, Ammer C, Block S, Bucharova A, Schall P, Sehrt M, Bossdorf O (2021) Spring understory herbs flower later in intensively managed forests. Ecological Applications accepted.




Freimuth J, Bossdorf O, Scheepens JF,  Willems FM (2021) Climate warming changes synchrony of plants and pollinators in Germany. bioRxiv.

Deng Y, Bossdorf O, Scheepens JF (2020) Transgenerational effects of temperature fluctuations in Arabidopsis thaliana. EcoEvoRxiv. Link

Rauschkolb R, Henres L, Lou C, Godefroid S, Dixon L, Bossdorf O, Ensslin A, Scheepens JF (2020) Resurrection approach shows evolutionary changes in drought responses in European plant species after two decades of climate change. EcoEvoRxiv. Link

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